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Bain Sell Weekend

April 5th, 2009 · 1 Comment · Uncategorized

I’m at this amazing boutique hotel right now… Bain definitely won the hotel battle!  Before I share any more thoughts about the weekend, let me just show a few photos from my room: 

Bain Hotel #1

Bain Hotel #1

Bain Hotel #2

Bain Hotel #2

Not only is there an LCD TV in the bathroom, but there’s another one hidden behind a painting that slides into the wall in the main room!   Very cool.  I was actually a bit confused when I walked in and didn’t see one.  After being at Harvard, I thought I’d become desensitized to luxury, but it looks like I’m still a rural country kid at heart: 

Bain Hotel #3

Bain Hotel #3

That said, overall, I’ve been less impressed with the weekend here than I was at BCG.  The differences?  Well, not a ton, but it does seem like they’ve been less effective in customizing who I meet and interact with.  I finally met someone at dinner that I related with perfectly – I wish he had been a companion throughout the entire weekend (it might have led me to a different decision).  The truth is: in any big firm, there are going to be people with all sorts of backgrounds and all types of personalities – the key to recruiting is to find the ones that match your candidate and make sure s/he mixes with them.  BCG did this well, Bain did not. 

I think I’ve reached a decision now.  Two points:

  1.  BCG seems to have less local and more national / international project opportunities.  One of my primary goals here is to work internationally within one year.
  2. BCG seems to have more people from HBS.  This says something about the choices my colleagues make, and I tend to think (on the whole), they make pretty good decisions. 

As I think through the comparison, I’ve realized that if you were to hold both #1 and #2 constant across the firms, it’s highly likely I would have picked Bain instead.  Their core philosophy (action > theory) and many of the smaller details about the firm weigh strongly in their favor.   Such is the nature of difficult decisions!

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