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Biotech Interview Bomb

January 27th, 2009 · No Comments · Uncategorized

First interview today!  It was only a phone interview, but it helped me realize just how rusty my interview skills are.  When you work for a single company for the entire time since undergrad, you just don’t get as much practice as you would if you were a career jumper.  The only interview I’ve had in the last three years was for HBS! 

The interview wasn’t going all that badly until he asked: “How would you compare and decide between multiple internal investment opportunities?”  In retrospect, it’s not that hard of a question, but at the moment I was a bit taken-a-back.  Wait a minute – don’t you want to hear about the time I took feedback well?  Or the time I tackled an analytical challenge? 

I blathered for a few minutes about evaluating risks & revenue before hitting on the answer.  I think he was looking for something about probability-weighted discounted free cash flows, but it took us a while to arrive there.  There’s the wake-up call.  Thankfully, that’s the only one this week… I have five more days to prepare for HBS’ “Dedicated Interview Period”, the first week of February where they cancel all the classes and let students wade through day-long interviews.  Can’t wait!!!

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