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Feeling Stupid This Semester…

February 13th, 2009 · No Comments · Uncategorized

I’m not sure what it is with the classes this year, but I think my IQ must’ve been knocked down a few points by all the recruiting stress.  I felt like I was able to pretty easily grasp the cases last year and make insightful (or at least provocative) comments.  This year is an entirely different story… what’s going on? 

Maybe my expectations have changed in light of grades from last semester… at the same time, I think a lot of people in class have really been offering great insights.  I commented on it before, but it definitely seems like we’ve shifted from a fairly normal bell curve to a strong upward skew.  Some people (the solid 2s, possibly) have dropped off the map entirely.  Others (those with 1s or 3s) are ramping up their comments and trying to either become Baker Scholars or dig themselves out of a pit.  It’s an interesting phenomenon, but I’m not sure if it explains why I suddenly feel so dumb. 

Aside from getting me to class on-time, I never thought my learning team was all that helpful… I’m reconsidering that now.  Maybe those extra minutes of formulating high-level opinions on cases was more helpful than I imagined.  Or maybe the cases are just longer and more complex, and I haven’t adjusted my reading time accordingly.  I’m a fairly fast reader, and usually spend < 30 min case… now that cases are twice as long (13-16pgs of solid text with another 13-16pgs of exhibits), maybe I need to devote more time to ferreting out the underlying concepts. 

Ahhh well, grades don’t matter anyway, right?!?  At least we have today off… headed to NYC this weekend, will post some photos when I get back.

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