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Suit Shopping in Boston

November 9th, 2008 · 2 Comments · Uncategorized

After a week of being shamed by a bunch of investment bankers dressed in $10,000 bespoke suits, we headed out this weekend to spend some time suit shopping.  I was hoping that Boston (being relatively close to NYC and one of the wealthiest places in the US) would be a promised land of well-tailored sharp-looking suits.

If you’ll excuse me for a moment, I’d like to rant.  Why is it that it’s impossible to find suits that fit males who are tall, slim, and broad shouldered?  I find it absolutely insane that we can visit twenty different stores and only find one or two suits that fit. What do all the models wear?  Why is every suit cut for short men with copious belly fat and slanted shoulders?  I just don’t understand this.  My body shape is just like the mannequins in most store windows… except that when you walk behind the mannequin, you see that the slim-fitting suit is actually pinned up with a giant clamp!  Ahhhh!!!

Me in a Vest from a Vintage Suit

In a Vintage 3pc Vest

Ok, so… I eventually did find two suits that I like.  One was a Prada suit from Barney’s New York (I think).  The other was a Neil Barrett from Louis Boston.  Both of them fit me relatively well… but were in the $1,400 range.  Ouch.  In better (?) news, I did end up ordering a $1,000 suit from a traveling Hong Kong tailor who came to HBS a few weeks ago.  It should be arriving in December, so we’ll have to see how it fits.  I don’t think it’ll be quite as fashion forward as Neil Barrett, but it might make a good interview staple.

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  • alex

    I recommend trying Black Label from Ralph Lauren, if you haven’t. Super fit and slim.

  • Ruminator

    Hey there, Love the blog and nice to see someone else taking bschool not quite as seriously as it should be taken.

    Interesting post about speakers below. At LBS, we have a three strike policy that includes awarding a strike to anyone who walks out early during a speaker presentation. It is totally rude and inappropriate I agree, and LBS students would be no different if it were not for this pretty draconian policy. But it does have leave a better impression on the speaker, which is what counts.

    Good luck with recruitment!

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