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Summer Internship Applications!

January 6th, 2009 · No Comments · Uncategorized

There’s nothing like interrupting a winter break to experience the joys of recruiting!  January 6th is The Deadline… the ominous date when all of your applications have to be completed for on-campus recruiting.  McKinsey, Goldman Sachs, Microsoft — this is the first formal stage-gate in a process that consumed the last half of the fall semester and promises to keep us exceptionally busy throughout interview week in early February.

HBS actually makes it quite easy to apply with strict rules for recruiters and a very polished “job bank” containing all of the descriptions for on-campus recruiting.  Keeping in mind that there are 900 first-year students, the general stats are: 370 Jobs Total, 170 Finance (46%), 200 Non-Finance (54%).  In the non-finance category, the breakdown looks something like this:

Non-Finance Jobs

Non-Finance Jobs

First, a quick disclaimer:  even though there are only 370 total job listings, a number of them do hire multiple people.  Some of the bigger firms even end up taking 10+ people from HBS (in good years at least).  That said, two surprising things to note here:

  1. Even within a downturn, finance internships still make up almost 50% of the opportunities! For all that they say about HBS being “general management”, it looks like finance still dominates.
  2. There are actually 10 jobs categorized as “manufacturing”.  Who would’ve guessed this category still existed in the US? 🙂

As someone who doesn’t particularly like crowded, cold places, I was also particularly interested in the location distribution among the job opportunities:

Locations of Jobs

Locations of Jobs

Not surprisingly, almost half of the single-location jobs are located in Boston & NYC.  It was good to see a fairly strong showing from the West Coast… On the other hand, I was disappointed to find that among the 60-some International jobs, only a few of those were appropriate for US citizens.

After much deliberation, I ended up applying to 20-or-so jobs.  Giving priority to the large consulting firms, then choosing a few general management / strategic planning roles at firms within attractive industries in attractive locations (ie, not the Northeast).  Part of me felt like this was a ridiculous number of jobs to apply for, but it’s extremely difficult to tell what my marketability will be like in this tough economic environment.  We’ll see how it goes!  Depending on the outcome of the next few months, I might end up kicking myself for not conducting a more thorough “networked” jobs search!

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