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September 29th, 2010 · 1 Comment · Uncategorized

Hi!  It’s been a long time since I’ve posted here.  While I was actually pretty solid on posting during the RC year, the EC year is a big empty gap.  It’s really quite a shame… the 2nd year brought with it a ton of interesting events that would’ve made for some good blog posts:

  1. An elective course schedule with fascinating topics + celebrity professors.
  2. Travel to South America, Africa, and Central America.
  3. A tragicomedy of epic proportions around job options and last-minute decisions.
  4. A foray into winter climbing and hiking in the New England ice and snow.
  5. Graduation that included a surprising (and most welcome) Baker Scholar award.

I’ve been working all summer – in Cambridge at a start-up – but I’m finally settling in and I’ll try to hit a few updates on these topics in my spare time.  Maybe even touch on a bit of the world post-HBS (start-ups, consulting, etc).

Debating whether or not I should start a new blog for this new phase of life.  Surprisingly, this blog continues to grow in popularity!  I have no idea why – It’s almost depressing that traffic has been increasing even though I haven’t posted in a year (correlation or causation?).  I’m about to crest 27,000 hits over the two short years this blog has been in existence.  Pretty surprising given the low level of activity.  I think this just indicates the market is huge for a good HBS blog:

Weekly Hits for InsideHBS Blog

It’s also kind of interesting to check out the type of Google keywords that bring people to this little blog.  Google Analytics says that viewers have arrived via some 6,000 different search phrases (by the way – I *love* Analytics… it’s just such a fascinating data playground). Here are the top 20 for your info-tainment:

Top Google Search Terms

Looks like the whole McKinsey vs. BCG vs. Bain is a topic in high demand.  I might have to revisit some of the items on this list (it’s what the customer wants, after all…) and provide something more than the cursory thoughts I threw down 2 years ago.

Looking forward to talking to you all further!

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  • Brian

    Hi, does anyone has some mairteal on behavorial fit questions for Management consultancy interview? Actually i am looking for questions with supplementary/suggested answers as I want to compare with mine and improve as required. Thanks.

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