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Two Weeks into the First Year

September 14th, 2008 · 1 Comment · Uncategorized

The passage of time is a mystery to me.  I’ve only been in Boston for a little over two weeks, but the day I arrived feels like years ago.  At the same time, I feel like this past week has shot by in the blink of an eye.  I don’t know if I can explain the paradox…

So, how do I feel about HBS?  At the moment, exhausted.  This is not a place to be if you prefer to take things slow.  The school calendar system, myHBS, shows that there are 10-15 events going on every day this week!  Then there are the section-related events.  Then there’s meeting with your learning team every day.  Then there’s the need to attend class 8-3 MWF and 8-12 on TTh.  Oh, and I almost forgot — you also need to find some time to read, study, and prepare 13 case studies each week… kind of important when your grade revolves around contributing insightful comments during class discussion.

Let’s add it up and see what we end up with:

  • Classes for around 30hr/wk
  • LT for another 5hr/wk
  • Cases at 20hr/wk
  • Section events at 10hr/wk
  • School events at 15hr/wk

That gives us 80hr/wk! And we’re skipping 75% of the school events and avoiding networking like a weird social hermit.  (Not to mention the neglect on all outside relationships and activities).  It’s easy to see how this place can wear on you if you’re not careful.

So, how do I feel about HBS?  Well, fatigued, yes… but also excited!  This truly is a “Disney World for business people”.  There’s no other place on the planet where you actually consider turning down the chance to listen to a Fortune 50 CEO take Q&A because there are five other events going on – at the same time – that all sound fascinating and intriguing.  If you took all the events going on in one day and spread them out over an entire month at my undergrad, I would’ve gone to every one of them and talked about how fantastically lucky I was.  Here, it’s simply commonplace.  Not even worth mentioning.  I’ve heard that CEOs routinely find themselves with half-empty audiences as the year goes on…

This place is awash in possibilities.  It will definitely be a challenge to take advantage of every bit without burning out on all of it.

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  • ESHA

    hi there,
    i must congratulate u first for gettin into one of da top notch colleges of the world!!okay nw i m nt exaggeratin bt seriously dis is one of the bestesssst blogs i ve eva come across..!!keep it up dude!!
    Esha(from India)

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